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Marriott: Sustainability goals for 2025 and beyond

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What do the largest single operator of?hotels in the world and the global leader?in water, hygiene and energy technologies?and services have in common? Shared?values that put people first, a? commitment to sustainability and a global reach. These?common principles underlie Marriott and?Ecolab’s successful, longstanding partnership.

“We want to be known as the world's favorite travel company while fulfilling our global responsibility?to be a force for good,” said Denise Naguib,?vice president, sustainability and supplier?diversity, Marriott? International. “Partnering with a solutions provider such as Ecolab helps?us achieve our sustainability goals and ensure?that we provide an exemplary experience to?our guests.”

Marriott has ambitious 2025 sustainability?and social impact goals for its more than 6,500 global properties and Ecolab’s?technologies directly impact three key goals:

  • Reducing water intensity by 15 percent
  • Reducing carbon intensity by 30 percent
  • Reducing waste to landfill by 45 percent

At the same time, Marriott needs to?ensure that the experience it delivers to?its guests meets or exceeds expectations.?The challenge is to maintain the highest?standards of cleanliness for dishes, linens
and water, while driving operational?efficiency and sustainability.

Marriott eROI

"We want to be known as the world's favorite travel company while fulfilling our global responsibility to be a force for good. Partnering with a solutions provider such as Ecolab helps us achieve our sustainability goals and ensure that we provide an exemplary experience to our guests."

Denise Naguib

Vice President, Sustainability and Supplier Diversity
Marriott International


From the guest room to the kitchen, the?laundries to the cooling towers, Ecolab’s?solutions deliver a positive environmental?impact without sacrificing the quality that?guests expect from a Marriott? property.

Technology highlights:

Aquanomic? Low-Temp Laundry Program,?which produces consistently superior?results and extends linen life, reduces?rewash, saves water and energy, and?reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

3D TRASAR? Technology for Cooling?Water?delivers on-demand control and?optimization of cooling systems, helping?customers protect their assets while?delivering water and energy savings.?The innovative technology detects the?upsets that precede scaling, corrosion,?and biofouling using real-time data and?determines the correct response, to deliver?optimal performance and savings.

These and other solutions have helped?Marriott International maintain the highest guest?standards and achieve significant savings?in water, energy, CO2 emissions and solid?waste that help contribute to Marriott’s 2025?sustainability goals.

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