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Environmental stewardship entails managing and protecting resources that need to be cared for and preserved, including shared assets such as water. Our investments in people and nature address global challenges that threaten vital natural resources, so we can help ensure a healthy and sustainable future for all.
Water Stewardship

We are always looking for ways to improve the use of water resources within our operations and within the watersheds in which we operate. Our commitment extends to the solutions we deliver to our customers and to the partnerships we have formed to support responsible use of the world’s limited freshwater resources. This includes advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to protect the quality and sustainability of water resources worldwide.?

We also seek to identify opportunities for our company and our customers to use water resources in a manner that benefits business, communities and nature. We understand the importance of the food-energy-water nexus and always consider the impact of water in our innovation process and in the products and services that we provide to help our customers implement their own water stewardship strategies.?

Related Water Stewardship

Smart Water Navigator logo water conservation goals
Smart Water Navigator

The Ecolab Smart Water Navigator is an online tool that helps companies reduce water usage, energy and cost at the facility level.

Water Risk Monetizer logo with Ecolab Microsoft Trucost names
Using Data to reduce, Reuse and Recycle Water

The Water Risk Monetizer, built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology, was developed to advance corporate water management in an increasingly water-scarce world. By aggregating and analyzing billions of data points fed from Ecolab sensors in thousands of plants, we help industries worldwide address water scarcity, improve water quality and increase operational performance. We are proud to have been recognized for these efforts with a 2017 Sustainability Services Award from the Business Intelligence Group.

AWS logo
Alliance for Water Stewardship

Ecolab has been a pioneer in water stewardship and we’re at the forefront of a digital transformation that is revolutionizing the way industry conducts business. It’s made us much smarter about how we manage water for our customers and in our own operations. We’ve made a great deal of progress in our water stewardship journey. But there is still much more to do to protect this precious and finite resource that is essential to human life.

Additional Report Information

2018 Corporate Sustainability Report ADM facility image
Driving Customer Impact

?Sustainability goals advance business gains

2018 Corporate Sustainability Report Ecolab operations Nalco Water University
How We Lead

?Building on our progress everywhere, every day